SEAL/ALP Scholarship Exam Trial Yr 5/6

Our specially designed weekly selective/scholarship trial course for primary school students from Year 5 to Year 6.

This program will require students more hard-working , as there’s advanced class study and a lot more homework comparison to General Class. If you are not sure, this course will be suitable for your child or not, we offer minimum 3 weeks enrollment.

Class structure

3 hours Trial Test Practice (In exam condition) + 2 Hours Empower Foundation class (to help build up a strong foundation).

Trial Test Class

Days: Thursday/Saturday

Subject  Contents
Maths (1.5 hours)
  • EDU/ACER/HAST test under exam condition– 30mins(EDU Type) 15 weeks
  • HAST/Abstract Reasoning(Balwyn High)  –   40mins 15 weeks
  • Scotch college type-short/long answer
    questions – 45mins 15 weeks
English(1.5 hours)
  • Written Expression
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • ACER /HAST (Balwyn High Exam)
  • Scotch College Type
    (Short answer and Reasoning Questions – not multiple choice)

Empower Foundation class (Free of course fee)

Days: Tuesday/Wednesday

Subject  Contents
Maths (1 h)

class lecture

+ homework exercise

All Year 5, 6, 7 Maths concepts will be covered.

(Excel With-Us copyrighted Materials will be provided)

English (1 h)

1. Intensive Writing

2.Verbal Reasoning

3.indivisual writing review

  • Creative Writing
  • Analytical types
  • Important Vocabularies
  • different types of Verbal reasoning questions
  • Practice with best writing samples

Note: Empower Foundation Classes can be signed up separately for a fee. Click the link below to learn more details about them.

Empower Foundation ClassDownload 2018 Trial Test Info Booklet

SEAL/ALP Scholarship Exam Trial Yr 5/6


  • Plus $65 material fee for Trial Test class
  • Plus $100 material fee for Foundation class if applicable