Selective School Trial Yr 7/8

This course is specially designed for current Year 7/8 students who are interested in applying Year 9 entry Selective Schools or scholarship from some private schools.

The purpose of this course will not only be to prepare students for exams, but also to help your students achieve their full potentials. We believe this preparation program will not only better prepare your child for their exams in future, but will be a more challenging and competitive environment for them to work in.

Class Structure

Tuesday (Empower Foundation Class) + Thursday (Exam Trial Test in exam condition)

Trial Test Class

Subject Time Sessions  Contents
Maths (1.5 hours) Thursday (5-6.30 PM)
  • EDU/ACER types tests under exam condition
English(1.5 hours) Thursday (6.30-8PM)
  • Written Expression
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Verbal Reasoning

Empower Foundation Class (Free of course fee)

Subject Time Schedule  Contents

class lecture

 + homework exercise

5 – 6 pm Every Tuesday All Year 8, 9 Maths concepts, some Year 10 Maths concepts will be covered.

  1. Intensive Writing
  2. Verbal Reasoning
6-7 pm Every Tuesday
  • Creative Writing
  • Analytical types
  • Important Vocabularies
  • different types of Verbal reasoning questions

Note: Empower Foundation Class can be signed up separately for a fee. Click the link below for more details about them.

Empower Foundation ClassDownload 2018 Trial Test Info Booklet

Selective School Trial Yr 7/8


  • Plus $65 material fee for Trial Test class
  • Plus $100 material fee for Foundation class if applicable