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      Please try separate different topics into different threads for better readability.

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      Penny PPenny P

      Hi this is Penny. I was wondering how I could see my test 1 results to see which questions I got wrong and which questions I got right.

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      Selena ParkSelena Park

      Hi Penny, we went through the test with your teacher last Thursday in class. I believe you already checked your score and what you did wrong.
      The test program is allowed the registered students one test and one review due to protect Copyright. Please extra pay attention when your class teacher gives you the explanation.
      Let me know if you really want to redo the test, I will try my best to provide once more.
      Operating manager

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      Zheng XiZheng Xi

      Hi Selena, While I respect the copyright of the test. Can someone provide us the results on which areas the student did correctly and which areas will need improvements on? It is not too helpful by just given the test score without further details. Appreciate it.

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      Selena ParkSelena Park

      Hi Zheng Xi,

      Thank you for your inquiry. After your test, students have a review class through zoom with their teacher reviewing each question. During this review, this is an opportunity for students to self-evaluate which areas require improvement and which areas they have strong understanding of.

      You are always welcome to visit our centre via appointment to have a further look at your test paper, or email us if you’d like further help!

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