Student Portal Handbook

How to use our online Learning Management System
Visit our website, and click STUDENT PORTAL, then enter you assigned user name and password.

How to access my enrolled course?

After you log in, you will be brought to My Courses page under student portal. If you don’t see the page, go to the portal entry of the main menu (“HELLO, ”), then click “My Courses”.

After that, “My Courses” page will show up with all the courses you have enrolled in.

Click the course will take you to the course page.

How to take the tests?

Follow the instructions above, you will be in the course page. Here under the “Course Content” you will be able to see the weekly tests. Click “Expand” if needed to see each individual test.

Click the week you need to take according to instructions from the tutor, and you will be taken to weekly test page. Click the first test listed in the “Week Content” to start the test.

During the test, you can go back to previous question or move to next question by clicking “Back” or “Next” Button. Click “Finish Test” button on the last question page to submit the test. Once the test paper is submitted, if there is more tests to be taken for that session, click “Click Here to Continue” button to take subsequent tests.

How to view your score?

After finishing the tests, you will receive an email with a summary of the test. Also, you can view your score again in “My Courses” page.

How to update my account information such as email, password etc?

From student portal, click Account Settings from the left side bar

No’s when taking a test online

  • Do not press GO BACK button on your browser in the middle of a test. Otherwise you will have to restart the test
  • Do not click the links to other tests in the middle of a test. Otherwise you will have to restart the test