At Excel Withus, we provide extensive courses for you to choose, from primary courses, to VCE, to specially tailored selective schools and scholarship Exam Preparation courses, in a Remote Learning Ready environment.



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Same ideals, same people, same approach, over Internet!

Our students’ wellbeing and student learning have been always the basis of our decisions. In light of the recent development regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we are pleased to announce that we are providing Remote Learning to our students now, at no extra cost to you.

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Same ideals, same people, same approach, over Internet!


5 of our students have secured the offers from Balwyn High selective program in 2020!


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At Excel Withus, we provide extensive courses to the students from Year 2 to VCE, from general courses to Scholarship-oriented.

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Excel has helped me a lot with my learning. Teachers are patient and make learning enjoyable. I have gotten into an accelerated program at my school and this could not be done without the support from my teachers and principal at Excel WithUs. The learning material that this tutoring center offers is well thought out and have helped me tremendously with my learning and grades at school. Extra help and work is also offered to better our studying and learning experience.



非常感谢你,还有你的搭档及上课老师的付出,使kim进步很多很多,这次被Balwyn High School精英班正式录取,非常非常感谢你们

Mrs Yan