English WithUs

How Excel Withus help you with English

General Courses

At Excel WithUs, we pride ourselves on providing our students with the best materials and support to help build upon and learn key English skills. We focus on a wide range of important skill sets; improving not only vocabulary and writing ability, bu also the creativity and imaginations of our students. How?

We believe that students need to enjoy what they read and learn. To help with this, our teaching team has created workbooks based upon hand-picked classic and contemporary novels. Students are also encouraged to pursue individuality and creativity through regular writing. In this exercise, imagination, vocabulary, and grammar skills are honed persistently. Feedback is also provided by class teachers on a weekly basis.

For secondary English

  1. We aim to develop reading and writing skills : Expand your analytical and creative skills. Read stimulating texts and answer questions in a supportive classroom environment.
  2. Weekly homework will set a study routine and put on the right track.
  3. Teaching program that covers the VIC Board of Studies Syllabus. Structured learning system that allows students to develop sound study habits every week.

Exam Preparation


Practice, practice, practice! Our teaching team develops specialized sample NAPLAN tests for students to develp and understanding and fell of the test content and time limitations.

Scholarship/Selective school entry

We start by honing foundation-level skills then working upwards to advanced skill sets, with mock exams held weekly. THe results of this speak for themselves – over 70% of the students in our selective or scholarship classes receive offers every year.


OUr outstanding team of ATAR tutors create materials based off experience to provide students with the most personalized, in-depth, and relevant exam tips and tricks. Where school teachers can seem old-fashioned, our tutors guarantee insider knowledge into exam criteria and solutions.


At Excel WithUs, we provide physical materials and encourage in-class discussions, rather than online teaching or online materials. THis has been proven to encourage memory recall and promotes critical thinking – key aspects of any English exam.