Our Approach

The approach we adopted to achieve our target.
Our Approach

How do we achieve it?

Do you know that Excel WithUs is six months ahead of the VICTORIA school curriculum?

  1. Solid foundation, No more memorising in class – gain a thorough understanding. Engage with all the topics from the VIC Board of Study Syllabus
  2. Excel Workbook – easy to understand concepts and examples. (Homework booklets are separated to provide weekly feedback)
  3. Homework – develop your confidence! Practice makes perfect.
  4. Teachers provide a clear understanding of how to complete your homework
  5. Homework helping classes are free of charge, come and finish your homework (every Tuesday and Wednesday 5-7 pm)
  6. Personalised and detailed feedback on written work
  7. End of term test – review your understanding at the end of the term. Performed under strict exam style conditions in preparation for school assessments.


How Excel Withus help you with Mathematics


How Excel Withus help you with English


How Excel Withus help you with Science


How Excel Withus help you with selective school entry test and scholarship