Scholarship/SEAL Preparation Y5/6 with Foundation Class

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Our specially designed weekly selective/scholarship trial test course for primary school students from Year 5 to Year 6, with Foundation Class bundled.

Product Description

This is a full-term Scholarship/SEAL Practice Exam Y5/6 Trial Test course. This program will require students more hard-working , as there’s advanced class study and a lot more homework comparison to General Class.

Class structure

Weekly 3 hours Trial Test Session + 2 Hours Free Foundation Session (only extra $100 material fee applies)

Trial Test Class

Subject  Contents
Maths (1.5 hours) EDU/ACER/HAST test under exam condition– 30mins(EDU Type) 15 weeks HAST/Abstract Reasoning(Balwyn High)  –   40mins 15 weeks Scotch college type-short/long answer
questions – 45mins 15 weeks
English (1.5 hours) Written Expression Reading Comprehension Verbal Reasoning ACER /HAST (Balwyn High Exam) Scotch College Type
(Short answer and Reasoning Questions – not multiple choice)

Empower Foundation class (Free of course fee)

Subject  Contents
Maths (1h) class lecture + homework exercise All Year 5, 6, 7 Maths concepts will be covered.(Excel WithUs copyrighted Materials will be provided)
English (1 h)   Intensive Writing Verbal Reasoning indivisual writing review Creative Writing Analytical types Important Vocabularies different types of Verbal reasoning questions Practice with best writing samples

Additional Information

Class Time

THU 5:00PM-8:00PM, TUE 5:00PM-7:00PM

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